"The more gunpowder I use the less there is for killing!"

"The cool uncertainty of the explosion and burn..." 

"Art created violently to reduce violence. Perfect!"

— Stick Vega

The Blast Factory

Stick Vega is the American Gunpowder Artist.  He creates modern, primitive, explosive art and blogs from Stick Vega Studios - The Blast Factory - in Madison, WI and Bucktown, Chicago, IL.  

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Explosive Transparency

Stick writes honestly about his success and failure, his process, beautiful new work and his prior CEO experience.

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Guaranteed. Boom!

Life is never guaranteed. Happiness is never guaranteed. However, Vega explosive art is guaranteed!  For life. Or until the sun explodes!

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Stick Gives Back

Each time you purchase artwork or apparel from Stick Vega, we will donate 5% of the sale price to one of two charities we believe in and are fundamental to our mission. 

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Vega Events

Do not hesitate to contact Stick regarding a studio visit, a live explosion art event, or commissioned artwork.